Hurst Boilers

Clark is the Official Representative for Hurst Boiler.

CWF proudly serves as the exclusive representative for Hurst Boiler Company, catering to the entirety of Nevada and the northern expanse of Arizona. With this partnership, CWF extends its commitment to delivering top-tier industrial boiler solutions to clients across these regions. Renowned for its innovative engineering and industry-leading technology, Hurst Boiler Company aligns seamlessly with CWF's dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. This exclusive representation solidifies CWF's position as a premier provider of boiler systems, offering clients unparalleled access to cutting-edge solutions designed to meet their unique needs and propel their operations forward.

Hurst Boiler Company stands as an industry leader in modern advancements, renowned for its innovative approach to industrial boiler solutions. With a steadfast commitment to meeting the critical demands of its clients, Hurst excels in providing boilers that not only deliver superior performance but also address specific requirements such as footprint, emissions regulations, and servicability. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships with burner manufacturers like Oilon, Hurst Boiler remains at the forefront of compliance with modern regulations. This dedication to innovation and collaboration ensures that Hurst's product offerings are not only efficient and reliable but also adaptable to evolving industry standards. For CWF, partnering with Hurst Boiler means access to a comprehensive range of boiler solutions that perfectly align with their commitment to delivering top-tier products and exceptional service to their clients in Nevada and northern Arizona.

By leveraging Hurst's state-of-the-art technologies and CWF's unwavering commitment to service excellence, clients can confidently rely on CWF to deliver tailored boiler solutions that optimize performance, enhance efficiency, and drive sustainable growth for businesses throughout the region.

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Licenses & Certifications



Repair and alteration of boilers and pressure vessels in compliance with ASME standards ensuring safety and integrity.



Manufacture and assemble pressure vessels with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) Section VIII Division 1 standards.



Design, fabrication, and assembly of power boilers intended for producing steam or other vapor for power generation purposes.

Board C1A License 0081463 and C21 License 0083749

Nevada Contractor

Nevada State Contractors Board C1A License 0081463 and C21 License 0083749.